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Deferments are ending. Get ready with our automated Covid Relief Package

CDR borrowers should be repaying their loans. But, what if they aren't? Let us find who hasn’t started paying and reach out to them on your behalf.  

We’ll let you know how it’s going. 


Cloud-based Student Loan Solutions

Priority Technologies has been helping students with their student loans for over 20 years. We focus our software and technology expertise on solving some of the most difficult student loan problems facing higher education institutions.

Reduce your CDR

Successfully handle default management inhouse with cloud-based tools and insights that keep your team and your borrowers on track.

Streamline Loan Origination

Take control of origination and processing with PTI’s turnkey loan management solutions designed for educational institutions.

Automate Your
CDR Response

Join the growing number of schools committed to addressing their CDR before it’s too late. Opt-in to our Covid Relief Package for a head-start on default prevention by automating targeted assistance to your alumni who need it most

Explore Custom 
Software Solutions

From ideation to deployment and beyond, the PTI team of consultants and engineers will develop software solutions customized for your school.

How We Can Help

Over 1 million 
students helped


250+ schools served


CDR lowered by 12% or more


Get the playbook over 100 schools use to drive down their default rate

Download our free playbook to see how hundreds of schools, on average, have reduced their CDR by 12% using our proven prevention plan.


What sets us apart


Education expertise

We hire from universities as well as student loan lenders and servicers, so our team understands your challenges. After focusing on the student loan industry for over 20 years, we’ve seen almost everything.


Clarity and guidance

Our powerful predictive analytics identify potential issues before they become problems, giving you the information, tools, and time you need to act. We’ll show you where to focus your efforts for the greatest impact.


Personalized support

For those times when your internal team hits a snag or something goes awry, you can reach out for help around the clock. Need strategy ideas? We do that too. Whatever your challenge, we’ll solve it together.

Schedule a free consultation

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