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DPS - Sponsor


What does being a sponsor mean? 

Priority Tech wants to launch a nationwide campaign to share our mission of getting default levels back to pre-pandemic levels. There is a crisis brewing with the automatic forbearance coming to an end. There is still time to take advantage of the time now until the end of forbearance to get ahead of the crisis. 

PT is looking for state-based servicers to sponsor/champion DPS by lending their names and credibility to help support the larger cause of getting ahead of the looming crisis. 

Our idea is to partner with you and go to the schools within your state and endorse DPS either by simply championing it or subsidizing it.

  • Attach your name to our cause. Give us credibility while you have zero risk and unlimited upside. 

  • Support our organization in the fight to drive down personal student loan debt.

  • Help us raise awareness to the student loan debt crisis

Why become a Sponsor?​

  • Lower overall educational debt held by students and get CDR levels back to pre-pandemic levels

  • As we grow, you grow. Jump on the wagon!

  • Win win win situation for all parties involved 

DPS Partnership

Becoming a partner can look a number of different ways. Whether you want to become a sponsor, reseller, or simply sign up for one of our DPS packages being a partner has its benefits!

When you become a partner, you become an integral piece of the overall mission. lowering personal student loan debt and returning default rates to pre-pandemic levels is our goal. We want you to be a part of the largest shift in the student loan industry since the end of the FFEL days.

Do you want to become a part of a growing movement? 


DPS - Reseller

What does being a reseller look like? 

If you are a service provider that is looking to provide full-service and co-managed default prevention, CDR management, and student outreach.

  • ​Unlimited users on the system

  • Flat monthly rate

  • Weekly file update (NSLDS/Services)

  • Custom school data import

  • X emails per month

  • X texts per month

  • Unlimited phone/dialer integration capabilities

  • Letter communication

  • Customizable and automated campaigns

  • Customizable communication templates

  • Logo on all outreach

  • Skip Trace Tracking

  • Cure Tracking

  • Customizable dashboards and pre-built reports

  • Custom report building and training

  • Monthly executive scorecards 

  • IP Whitelisting

  • Audit logs

  • Customizable role-based security

  • 24/7 premium support

  • Guaranteed SLA uptime and Jira help desk

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