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About Us

Our passion is to drive down the overall personal student loan debt held by student borrowers.  

As an independent software provider to the higher education industry, we empower our client organizations to serve their schools, borrowers and loan origination providers with products and services that are targeted specifically for their needs. 

Our Story

For over 25 years PTI has developed custom and service oriented software for the higher Education market. From software as a service to the development life cycle, our development and management team understands the business of software.

At PTI we are Curious about everything. Our actions are Thorough and Purposeful. Our decisions are Intelligent and produce Clarity. Our Passion for lending a helping hand drives us and Radiates to those around us. We are True to Our Self and Honor others. Our actions are Transparent and build Trust. We use Meta-thinking to understand what often hides behind the veil. We are true to our values, giving us the Tenacity to succeed.

We are Priority Technologies.

Meet The Leadership Team

Our Clients

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