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Default Prevention System 

Is your school prepared for the end of Covid Deferments? 

Join the growing number of schools and partners preparing for the largest impact on student loan defaults since Hurricane Katrina. Help your graduates succeed by opting in to the Default Prevention System that's best for you. 


What platform works best for you?

Priority Technologies takes a modern day approach to our campaigns, by reaching borrowers where they are paying attention and utilizing data about the borrower to launch tailored effective messaging and campaigns. We give you control over how to engage with your student borrowers. After all, who knows your students better?

Which of the below sounds the most like you?

DPS: Digital First

Boxed solution for schools needing a quick turnkey solution. DPS Digital First has everything you need to take default prevention serious. ​

  • I want to automate my CDR Response 

  • I want my Outreach and campaigns to be backed by years of experience.

  • I want to lower my overall cost for default prevention.

DPS: Plus +

Sometimes boxed solutions don't have everything you are looking for. ​That's where DPS + comes in. 

  • I want everything the turnkey solution has, but I want to add some functionality.

  • I need the ability to upgrade and downgrade features dependent on our busy season.

  • I need texting and mailing capabilities!

DPS: Enterprise

For organizations with an obligation to their schools.

  • I want a sound risk management solution and strategy for the schools.

  • I need the ability to create custom campaigns and custom comments

  • I need the ability to create ad-hoc reports on the fly.

How We Can Help
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