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DPS: Plus +

Plus = More, More = More for your Students. 

DPS Plus. Priority Tech's approach to offer more to your school which means more for your students. With the Digital First platform as the foundation, Plus brings even more loaded campaigns, texting capabilities, calling capabilities to they already powerful system. We know that sometimes boxed solutions can't always encompass all the areas needed to provide your students with the keys to success. At Priority Tech our goal is to drive down the personal student loan debt held by the youth of America. Will you join us? 

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DPS: Plus +

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DPS: Plus +

So what does that mean? 

With Digital First, you get the powerful updated Default Prevention System tailored to the modern way of outreach, by utilizing data about the borrower to launch effective messaging and campaigns. Plus brings even more functionality and features. 

This package is for small teams responsible for proactive outreach efforts. 

  • Flat monthly fees for everything you need

  • Pre-built and automated campaigns directed at the borrowers most in need

  • Emails and text messages sent algorithmically

  • Monthly executive scorecards to measure and monitor progress

  • Easy onboarding and training

  • Up to five users on system

  • Twice monthly file update (NSLDS/Servicers)

  • X emails per month

  • X texts per month

  • Unlimited phone/dialer integration capabilities

  • Logo on all outreach

  • Cure Tracking

  • Dashboards and pre-built reports

  • Security and compliance

  • Jira Help desk access

* Plan is to add new check mark images in a different color to showcase the functionality found in Plus*

DPS: Digital First
DPS: Plus +
DPS: Enterprise
Flat Monthly Rate
Pre-loaded Campaigns
Automated Campaigns
Texting Capabilities
Ad-Hoc Report Building
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