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Comparing Ways to Execute Default Management

Transforming CDR Management: Strategies for a Brighter Financial Future

Navigating the complexities of your school’s Cohort Default Rate (CDR) is more than an administrative task; it’s a strategic endeavor that significantly influences the financial futures of both your student borrowers and your institution. A high CDR not only jeopardizes your students' financial stability but also risks your school's access to federal financial aid programs — a lifeline for many educational institutions.

The Dilemma: Outsourcing vs. In-House Management

Outsource to a Third Party: Handing off default management to a third party may seem like a relief, but it comes with significant drawbacks. Lack of control over student interactions, absence of personalized repayment strategies, and high costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, an external provider’s disconnect from your student community can lead to generic, less effective interventions.

Tackle In-House with Manual Processes: Opting for in-house management gives you more control but can quickly become overwhelming. Wrestling with complex data from the Department of Education and transforming it into actionable insights is a Herculean task. The manual, error-prone process of data manipulation and borrower outreach can leave your team exhausted, often without the desired improvement in CDR.

The Game-Changer: Implementing PTI's DPS Tools

Implement DPS User-Friendly Tools for Your In-House Team: This is where PTI’s Default Prevention System (DPS) steps in — a beacon of efficiency in the CDR management maze. Our DPS offers an affordable, effective solution that empowers your in-house team with cutting-edge tools, eliminating the pitfalls of manual processes.

Ownership and Automation: With DPS, your team retains the ownership of borrower outreach, building on the existing relationships with students. Automated campaigns ensure your data is always current, secure, and utilized effectively to engage borrowers and prevent default.

Focus and Clarity: DPS removes the guesswork from CDR management. Your team can focus on impactful activities, leaving data complexities to our intuitive system. This approach not only elevates your CDR management efforts but also provides peace of mind.

Reporting and Transparency: Easily generate executive summaries to keep your leadership team informed. Our system’s reporting capabilities ensure that every stride you make towards lowering your CDR is visible and acknowledged.

Partner with PTI for Expert CDR Management

Are you ready to transform your school’s approach to CDR management and relieve your overburdened in-house team? PTI offers the expertise, tools, and support to make this a reality.

For a free consultation or more information about how we can assist in reducing your school’s CDR, contact us at (402) 899-8143 or email Let's pave the way to a more financially secure future for your institution and your students.


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